⭐️ ナユタスボーカルスクール発表会のお知らせ ⭐️


  • 日付:

⭐️ ナユタスボーカルスクール発表会のお知らせ ⭐️


観覧は無料ですが、1ドリンクのオーダーをお願いしています ⭐️

会場はこちら→ intro


⭐️ Announcement for Nayutas Vocal School Recital ⭐️

On Sunday, June 16th, the Nayutas Vocal School recital will be held at “intro,” just a 3-minute walk from Hakata Station Chikushi Exit! I’ll be performing one song, so please come and support us✨

Admission is free, but we ask that you order at least one drink ⭐️

Venue, click here → intro

We look forward to seeing you there❣️

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